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SEV Permanent Makeup was founded on the ideals of enhancing your natural beauty, not changing it. Today, I believe and operate my business based off of those ideals with every client that I see; every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. I am passionate about transforming lives through the art of permanent makeup. I know finding and trusting an artist is extremely hard so I am very honoured to be considered.


Face behind the mask

SEV is a European-trained permanent makeup artist taught by some of the best big-name PMU masters in Europe. She is certified in permanent pigmentation and is one of the only artists in the Greater Toronto Area doing permanent transition shade for under your makeup. It creates a base on your eyelid for overall, "no makeup" look, which you can then use as a foundation for your evening, dramatic makeup look. This technique cuts your daily makeup routine by more than half. All you need is mascara and you are ready for your day.
I know first hand what permanent makeup can do for you. I have work on my lips, eyes, and eyebrows and I have never looked back. Getting the work done has been the best decision I have ever made next to becoming a permanent makeup artist myself.



 For A Beautiful You



Nanoblading is the modern, more accurate form of microblading. Both techniques offer fine hair strokes that look natural and true-to-life. However the new technique of nanoblading provides further precision and longer-lasting results. Because the technique uses tiny needles compacted together rather than a blade, the resulting surface of the brow has much less trauma. The fine needles of the machine allow us to recreate a more natural look in dimension and diameter of a real hair.

Combination Brows


Combination brow is a hybrid of hair strokes and shading; both done by a permanent makeup machine. This technique is great for added density and extra fluff on the brow resulting in a multidimensional looking brow. Clients who are used to wearing makeup find that doing nanoblading alone is not enough coverage and will end up filling their brows further with makeup. This is the perfect technique for these clients.

Ombré Shading


Ombré Shading involves work that is lighter at the front of the brow and darker towards the tail. The best client for this look is one that would like a fuller looking brow or those that have a good amount of brow hair but would like a base shade.

Eyebrow Lamination

Lamination Only                   $80
Lamination & Regulation    $95

A custom formulated, three-step lamination system that can be applied to even the most stubborn brow hairs. It will realign the directional hair-growth and overall shape of the brows for up to 8 weeks. If you aren't committed to permanent makeup, but still pencil-in your brows - this procedure is for you. It is painless and the effect can be seen immediately after the procedure.

Eyelash Enhancement

Lashline ONLY                $200
Classic/Thick Eyeliner  $350
Smokey Eye                     $450

Eyelash enhancement is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, watery eyes, dexterity issues or active lifestyle. Eyelash enhancement has three different techniques; classic eyeliner, lash line eyeliner or smokey eyeliner. All techniques work to enhance and define the eye. The technique depends on your eye size, shape and personal preference.

Lip Blush


A subtle lip enhancement to add life and colour back into the lips. Much like the brows, this technique involves creating tiny pixels using a permanent makeup machine. These pixels, when created correctly, are what make the lips look natural. No more looking dull and reapplying any tint throughout the day. 


Hours of Operation


Mon/Tues: 4pm - 10pm

Wed/Fri/Sun: 9am - 10pm

Thurs: 9am - 2pm

Sat: 6pm - 10pm


Cancellations/ Rescheduling

I would like to give everyone benefit of doubt. I do not want to apply deposit fees to schedule any appointments. In return I ask for loyalty and respect of my time. Rescheduling an appointment 2+ hrs long must be made at least 72 hours prior to your appointment. Rescheduling an appointment 45 mins+  must be made 24 hours prior to your appointment.



Due to the length of time required to complete the service, sharp tools/machines and the concentration needed, we ask that you do not come to your appointment with children. If you would like to come with a guest, please limit to just one guest as our space is limited.


Late/Early Arrival

It is important to arrive to your appointment right on time. We understand that traffic in Toronto is crazy so we ask that the client plans on leaving within the right time to avoid lateness. If you arrive 15 mins late to your appointment, we may not be able to service you as this will effect the scheduling of other clients. It will also effect your personal experience of the treatment as well. 
If you arrive early to your appointment, please be mindful of the client finishing up their treatment. Pigmentation is a high-stress, high-attention needing procedure. The clients who are in the chair deserve the best work and as such will not be let go earlier if the artist/client is not satisfied with the result.


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